Journey To Self Love


Does this sound familiar?

You wake up every morning with utter dread. What are you going to wear? You hate the way you look and how your clothes fit. Urgh, why did your body have to be this way? Why couldn’t you be a slim supermodel, like your friend/sister/aunt? It’s just not fair!!

It seems that no matter what you do, you just can’t lose weight. You detest the way you look naked. You don’t want to look at yourself, so you definitely don’t want your partner to see you!

You just want to feel happy!

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

How would it feel to be finally taking control of your feelings towards yourself? To embrace your body for all that it is and all that it has done for you? To start the beginnings of a new chapter in learning to love yourself?

This is what Journey To Self Love does. It gives you the tools and resources you need to get started on your journey. 

Ready to get started?

Are you ready to finally start loving yourself? Here are the modules that are covered: 

Self Love

Learn all about self-love. What does it mean? How to practice it and why self-love isn’t selfish!

Body Image

Learn what body image means, how a positive body image is different to body positivity, the 4 aspects of body image and the steps to a positive body image.


 Learn what mindset means, different examples of mindset, focusing on Fixed and Growth and how to shift your mindset and live an intentional life. 


Learn the true meaning of acceptance and how to accept yourself.

Who is Rachel?

I spent the first 31 years of my life in an abusive relationship – with myself. I abused my body physically using food as a weapon. I abused my mind mentally by telling myself so many negative thoughts. Thoughts that derived from many years of being bullied; by being called names and believing them.

Those words haunted me. 

They made me hate everything about myself – all the time. I was ugly. I was fat. I was a manic depressive and didn’t feel worthy of being alive, even though I had a loving husband and 4 amazing children.

Then in 2015 something snapped inside me. I didn’t want to be that person anymore. I’d had enough of living such a miserable existence – and I am raising two daughters! What on earth is the message I am teaching them!

So I decided that ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH.

I spent the next 4 years going through my own transformation to become more confident in myself and overcome my own body image issues. I learnt to accept and love myself – and I want that for you too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get any support?

You will have access to a Private Facebook Community of womxn on the same journey. We are all here to support you. 

Course Feedback

It's boosted my self-confidence and made me look at who I am for me rather than for others.

I just feel it covers stuff that I think all women need to hear. Plus, you receive support from others and realise you are not alone.

I feel so many are in a similar situation and may need help with just getting started this can be a really good way.

Give the 4-week course a go - you can't lose!

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