California Dreaming: Watching the sunset at Santa Monica Pier

After our walk to see the Hollywood sign, we thought we would go for a little drive. I would really have liked to see Rodeo Drive and some of Beverley Hills.

We had considered going to the Walk of Fame but after some research online, we decided against taking the children there. However, our sat nav took us completely out of the way and we ended up driving through Compton and nowhere near where we wanted to be! We decided to just give up on that idea and head to the beach instead, so off we went to Santa Monica Pier.

sister standing under the Route 66 end of the road sign at Santa Monica pier.

The pier was bustling with life. There were street artists, shops, food places, as well as a funfair.

We looked in some gift shops (and got a few little trinkets) and watched a really awesome dance crew perform. The children really wanted to go to Pacific Park on the pier. We did have a look but managed to convince them otherwise. There are only 12 rides available, and whilst the bands you purchase allow you unlimited rides, I couldn’t justify the nearly $200 entry fee for the six of us.

Instead we headed to Pier Burger to grab some food before heading down to the end of the pier to watch the sunset.

There’s something ever so magical about watching the sunset across the ocean. The magnificent colours reflecting on the blue seas and sky.

The whole feeling of peacefulness it brings.

I love the beach and I really enjoy spending time in America. It’s my happy place.

California had been on my bucket list of places to visit for ages, so I was so pleased that we finally got to visit. I just wish we had more time there.