Hot Yoga Club at The Thames Club, Staines

Disclaimer: I was given 2 months complimentary membership to Hot Yoga Club in return for this blog post and sharing my journey on social media.

Before I had children I had done several yoga classes and even took a six week pilates course. However, in the following years, yoga was sidelined in favour of weight lifting – simply because I felt that I wasn’t flexible enough or had enough core stability to practice yoga.

I did participate in the odd yoga class here and there, and when I went travelling to Turkey, we did yoga every morning – and I did enjoy it.

I had heard a lot about hot yoga, but didn’t really know enough about it (except it was hot – obvs!) and wasn’t aware of any local studios.

I was given the opportunity to start the New Year off in an exciting way and start Hot Yoga Classes.

I discovered that my local fitness club, The Thames Club in Staines has a hot yoga studio; Hot Yoga Club.

So what exactly is Hot Yoga and how is it different from regular yoga?

Hot yoga brings so many benefits, physically and mentally.

Increased flexibility
Strong cardio workout
High calorie burn and
Increased metabolism

Skin cleanse
Boosted endorphins
Toxin release
Regulated body temp

Stress relief
Increased lung capacity
Increased blood flow
Improved circulation

Active meditation
Improved balance
Improved concentration
Relaxed and clear mind

Hot Yoga is practiced in 40 degree heat. This enables your muscles to reach new levels of flexibility. It is also low impact and the range of vinyasas use muscles you didn’t know you had, which is greatfor strengthening and toning – something I have noticed a lot from my sessions!

Hot Yoga also teaches you to breathe in a full and controlled manner which brings such a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Did you know that a 90-minute class can burn up to 1,000 calories?

Like all yoga, Hot Yoga is an awesome way to let your mind and body feel revived. but unlike a traditional yoga class, sweating throughout a hot yoga class purges the toxins from the skin and the heat creates a surge in blood flow and circulates oxygen/nutrients around the body.

Why choose Hot Yoga Club?

Hot Yoga Club opened in January 2018, so is fairly new – but it has an incredible community of students who are developing their skills, as well as welcoming first timers on a daily basis.

Hot Yoga Club was born from two peoples love of yoga. Peter Williams, MD of The Thames Club and Amanda Free, the UK’s first Hot Yoga Teacher.

The studio itself is a beautiful and tranquil space designed by Amanda. It also has some really great yoga teachers. I never came out of a class feeling like I had failed – even if I had completely messed up some moves!

I totally recommend attending ALL the classes, but my favourite has to be candlelight hot yoga – what an amazing way to end a day!

My Experience

I have completely fallen for Hot Yoga the past couple of months. I tried to attend a minimum of 2 classes a week – sometimes I was doing 3 or 4.

I find the more classes I do, the better I feel – physically and mentally. It allowed me the time and space to really focus on my wellbeing and mindset, as well as my body. I become more flexible and found I did actually have some core strength under all the mummy tum! I couldn’t help but notice that area started to tone up also!

Hot Yoga also did wonders for my skin. The heat really is amazing detoxifying. I found that when I first started going I would have some breakouts, but they cleared up quickly, and became less often the more I would go.

If you haven’t tried hot yoga yet, I would most definitely recommend it, and its something I am hoping to continue with!

Hot Yoga Club has a special introductory offer for new students where you can purchase two weeks of unlimited classes for just £25.00.