Does life leave you feeling stressed?

Every day feel like groundhog day?

Perhaps you feel like you're stuck in a rut and are just continuously doing the same routine day in, day out and not getting anywhere?
Do you want to take control of your life? Are there things you want to accomplish, but they just don’t seem possible?

I’m here to tell you that you can change your ways and create the life you want!

Growing up I always felt like I had been dealt a bad hand in life. I always felt like the black sheep of the family, unwanted and unloved. Being bullied throughout most of my school years contributed to me falling into depression aged 13. By 17 I was on an 'at risk of suicide' register. I have spent years in counseling and taking medication, and spent many a time wondering why I am even here - even after having my own children.

I didn't want to be that person who was always negative and not much fun to be around. I didn't want my children growing up feeling like they were unwanted or unloved. I especially didn't want my daughters growing up hating themselves as much as I did.

It took me a while to change. It's not an easy process and I have sunk several times - but I managed to get myself back up again.

We are always told that we need to get rid of the negative people in our lives, and to some extent, I do agree with that, but we need to work on ridding ourselves of negativity first. We need to learn to love ourselves, embrace who we are, and start to value our own lives.

When we start to appreciate how great we are, as mothers, daughters, wives, aunts, and friends - then we can change our mindset and become the person we have always wanted to be and capable of anything we put our minds to!

Life is a journey - let's enjoy the ride!